Spray concrete – M62 River Ouse Bearing Replacement

Spray concrete

Client: AOne+
Scope: Spray concrete application
Works Commenced: Summer 2018
Works Completed: Summer 2020


The River Ouse Bridge carries M62 traffic over the River Ouse in East Yorkshire. The mile-long structure was opened in 1976 and comprises of 29 spans on 28 piers, two half joints and two abutments.

Following the replacement of the existing 208 mechanical bridge bearings in which Aquaforce Concrete Services was contracted to undermine the existing bearings using high-pressure water jetting (hydro-demolition), Aquaforce was appointed as spray concrete specialist.

Once the surface area had been prepared by high pressure water jetting, Aquaforce carried out the concrete re-instatement works to deck soffit patch repairs using a dry spray concrete material (Weber DS) over maximum areas of approx. 4m2 working to an average depth of 120mm.

Using an Aliva 246 Dry Spray Machine, the material was sprayed onto the substrate to the required level with an ‘as sprayed’ finish as requested by the Client.

All works were carried out to the satisfaction of the Client, on programme and within budget.