Concrete Repairs & Improvements on M6 Witton and Bromford Viaducts

concrete removalClient – Interserve Ltd
Work commenced – February 2015
Work completed – March 2016
Cubic metre removed – 60m3


The Witton and Bromford Viaducts carry the M6 between Junction 7 (Great Barr) and Junction 5 (Fort Dunlop). In February 2014, work commenced on a 14 month long programme to carry out essential concrete repairs and install cathodic protection systems to 9no bents at Witton Viaduct and 4no bents at Bromford Viaduct.

Aquaforce Jetting Ltd supplied hydro-demolition services to the main contractor, undertaking the necessary repair and improvement works. The scheme value to Aquaforce was carried out on behalf of Highways England.

The work included the phased removal of defective concrete from the concrete crossheads to enable installation of sound material. Once the concrete repairs were completed, the entire surface area of the crosshead was prepared to CSP6 profile, as required by the specification to enable installation of a mesh overlay cathodic protection system.

To ensure optimum productivity and to maintain the client’s tight programme, Aquaforce utilised different techniques using a range of equipment to suit each application:

• The defective concrete was cut using a Standard High Pressure System operating at pressures up to 1100bar.

• Surface preparation was carried out by an Ultra High Pressure System operating at a pressure of 2500bar using state of the art rotary cutting head – this enabled production rates of up to 55m2 per day to be achieved.

The work was carried out to the satisfaction of the client, and maintained a tight programme, working seven days a week, day and night as required to fit within the client’s traffic management installations.