Hydro Demolition – M54 Ketley & Dawley Bridges


Ketley and Dawley refurbishment scheme on the M54, Telford was undertaken between July 2013 and March 2014.

The works required included concrete repairs, bearing installation and bridge deck improvements.

Aquaforce was contracted to carry out hydrodemolition works on the project.

Aquaforce undertook the following:

  • Removal of pier tops to Ketley East and West central pier bearing shelves
  • Removal of verge stitching details to Dawley bridge
  • Removal of concrete for repair of abutments and piers.

In addition, Aquaforce was tasked with advising and assisting in the provision of access arrangements and the containment of waste materials produced. This included material being jetted at high pressure and monitoring alkilinity of the waste water. Aquaforce supplied onsite storage tanks for the storage and containment of waste water.

Aquaforce removed approx. 50m3 of concrete, working to a tight programme and making provision for working 24/7.

The refurbishment scheme carried out under the CMF Framework package for the Highways Agency Area 9, via one of their framework contractors.