Aquaforce Concrete Services Ltd launches this spring

Aquaforce Jetting Limited has recently rebranded, changing its name to Aquaforce Concrete Services Limited to incorporate its expanding services.

As well as specialising in hydro-demolition (high-pressure water jetting), the company now undertakes sprayed concrete operations, utilising its extensive experience in concrete repair projects.

Aquaforce’s General Manager Gavin Thomas said: “Aquaforce has recently invested in Aliva dry sprayed (gunite) concrete plant and training of all our personnel.

We are continually looking at ways to expand the business and the addition of our sprayed concrete services aligns with our hydro-demolition works. We are now able to offer a full removal / re-instatement package to our Clients.

We have also invested in two water LGV tanker vehicles which allow us to provide water supply and disposal of waste water services to further complement the hydro-demolition works.”